"We discovered Ellen White failed the Biblical tests of a prophet"

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Secrets and Suppressions

Read the Astonishing Eyewitness Accounts!

Skip Baker's Eyewitness Account of the Secret Letter
How do you get your hands on a secret letter written by Ellen White in 1847 and locked securely away for 133 years beyond view in the White Estate vault? Read the gripping true account of how Review photographer Skip Baker managed to get his hands on the suppressed letter that would astonish Ellen White devotees and blow the Shut Door wide open!

We need your help!
Have you been inside the vault? Have you found letters or manuscripts that have never been published? If so, we need to hear from you immediately! Please e-mail us.

Suppression of Documents! In the 1970's Loma Linda church historian, Dr. Ron Numbers, requested a number of documents for his book, Prophetess of Health. Read the revealing true account of how the White Estate foiled his attempts to get his hands on these secret documents.

Mysterious Unpublished Writings! Why are some of Mrs. White's writings still unpublished? Why are they locked away in vaults? Read eyewitness accounts of discoveries of suppressed writings.

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