The White L I E

By Walter Rea, 1982

New York Times -- "Walter Rea has inflamed the issues confronting the cult with incontrovertible evidence he provides in The White Lie." (p. 1, 1982)

Time Magazine -- "The White Lie is a bomb shell which has shocked the church." (Aug. 2, 1982)

Walter Martin (authority on cults)-- "A thorough and factual analysis. Devastating."

Fred Veltman, Ph.D. -- "He [has] evidence which appears quite convincing for his major points. This evidence...will 'blow the mind' of many an Adventist." ("Report to PREXAD on the E.G. White Research Project," pp. 23,24)

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1 How to Change History

  • Chapter 2 Go Shut the Door

  • Chapter 3 The early development of how Ellen White became known as a prophet!

  • Chapter 4 Gone - but Not Forgotten

  • Chapter 5 That High shelf - Patriarchs and Prophets

  • Chapter 6 Sources from Which She Drew The Desire of Ages

  • Chapter 7 New Light from the White Acts of the Apostles

  • Chapter 8 The Flight from the White The Great Controversy

  • Chapter 9 Prophets and Kings - and Various Things

  • Chapter 10 The End of All Things

  • Chapter 11 Historical evidence that leaders knew White was not inspired, but suffered from medical problems

  • Chapter 12 The incredible story of how the Great Controversy was copied by White from others

Did Walter Rea Recant?

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