The White LIE

By Walter T. Rea  (1982)

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New York Times -- "Walter Rea has inflamed the issues confronting the cult with incontrovertible evidence he provides in The White Lie." (p. 1, 1982)

Time Magazine -- "The White Lie is a bomb shell which has shocked the church." (Aug. 2, 1982)

Walter Martin (editor, author, and leading authority on cults)-- "A thorough and factual analysis. Devastating."

Fred Veltman, Ph.D. -- "He [has] evidence which appears quite convincing for his major points. This evidence will 'blow the mind' of many an Adventist." ("Report to PREXAD on the E.G. White Research Project," pp. 23,24)

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1 How to Change History

  • Chapter 2 Go Shut the Door

  • Chapter 3 The early development of how Ellen White became known as a prophet!

  • Chapter 4 Gone - but Not Forgotten

  • Chapter 5 That High shelf - Patriarchs and Prophets

  • Chapter 6 Sources from Which She Drew The Desire of Ages

  • Chapter 7 New Light from the White Acts of the Apostles

  • Chapter 8 The Flight from the White The Great Controversy

  • Chapter 9 Prophets and Kings - and Various Things

  • Chapter 10 The End of All Things

  • Chapter 11 Historical evidence that leaders knew White was not inspired, but suffered from medical problems

  • Chapter 12 The incredible story of how the Great Controversy was copied by White from others

Other Resources by Elder Rea

Pirates of Privilege Exposes shocking ethical and financial irregularities in the SDA Church

How the SDA Spirit of Prophecy was Born Proves that even the "I was shown..." statements were copied from others

The Making of a Prophet How the fictional writings of other authors became the "Spirit of Prophecy"

The Paraphrasing Prophet Written in 2005, Elder Rea shows the duplicity of the White Estate

Did I Really Recant? Shows how some Adventists are using lies and deception to distort the truth about this man of God

The Great Controversy Manuscript Book showing the extent of copying in the book Great Controversy

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