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"There is no other light than the Word of God..."
--H.L. Hastings, 1858, in his book Great Controversy, published before Ellen White's Great Controversy, p. 15

"Adventists insist it will be a 'final test' even though it is impossible to believe Jesus and the apostles would be silent on such a profound issue. If the final climatic battle between good and evil, the war to end all wars, is to be fought over the Sabbath, then why did Jesus and the apostles ignore the issue entirely?"
--Dirk Anderson, "National Sunday Law: Fact or Fiction?", 2001

"I have a Bible that is about 1-1/2 inches thick and can find my duty towards God as most Christians do. I do not need six feet of EGW books that contradict the Bible."
--Robert Sanders, 2003

We started independently to read the Bible with a free mind and depend on it alone. We realised how false Ellen White was, we looked at the Sabbath and saw for sure it's not the seal of God but the Holy Spirit, we looked at the Remnant as taught by SDAs, we looked at the Investigative Judgment and many key issues and we concluded that SDA doctrines have a lot to be desired. We started following our conscious and preached what the Bible teaches.
--Nsubuga Daniel, Uganda, Africa, 2003

Do Ellen G. White's Teachings Contradict the Bible?

SDA Claims about Ellen White's Writings:

  1. They are based on what she saw in visions and dreams
  2. They are inspired by the same source that inspired the Bible
  3. They are consistent with the Bible and with historical facts

Bible Test #4 - A Prophet's Writings Cannot Contradict the Word of God:
"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Isa. 8:20

nonsda.org will present the following evidence:

  1. Her writings contradict the Bible
  2. Her writings are inconsistent with proven historical facts
  3. Her writings add to the Bible
  4. Her writings were no more inspired than any other Christian author

In Ellen White's own words: "Whatever contradicts God's word, we may be sure proceeds from Satan."
--Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 55

GREAT CONTROVERSY over the Great Controversy Ellen White's epic book continues to be extolled as God's final message for the world, and yet it contradicts both the Bible and historical facts

The INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT This unique SDA doctrine contradicts the plainest Scripture

Signs of the End? Ellen White claimed an earthquake in 1755, a dark day in 1780, and a meteor shower in 1833 were fulfillments of Bible prophecy. Is that true?

When did Christ enter the Most Holy Place? Did the Day of Atonement happen in 1844? Or at Christ's ascension?

Examine the Bible's definition of the Testimony of Jesus. Is Ellen White the Spirit of Prophecy?

Ellen White's Bible Omissions Did Mrs. White change the meaning of Bible passages by leaving out portions of those passages?

Persecution in the Last Days What really happens in the last days?

The Plan of Redemption Why was Sister White's vision revised?

Does Satan have a Body?

The Seal of God Is it the Sabbath?

The Millennium Where are God's people during the Millennium?

King Jareb and Nineveh

Was Zoar really Destroyed?

God's Sabbath Laws Are they "Senseless Restrictions"?

Fleeing Jerusalem on the Sabbath Does Matthew 24:20 command Sabbath observance?

Did Ellen G. White Teach a 'Different God'? Arian and anti-Trinitarian views of Mrs. White

The Marion Incident A battle over the Bible Alone versus Bible + Ellen White's writings

"Be Thou Perfect" Ellen White and the unbiblical doctrine of perfectionism

Can Christians be Perfect, Flawless or Without Sin?

7 More Bible Contradictions

Is the Bible Sufficient? Or do we need Ellen White's writings to guide us through the last days?

Thus Saith Ellen White She forbid everything from eating Cinnamon to going to the circus. This article examines the rules and regulations added by Ellen White that are not found in Scripture.

The Passion of Ellen White's Christ Additions to the Bible in Desire of Ages

A Black and White Choice A Bible contradiction found in Desire of Ages

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