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Gilbert Cranmer, 1858

The "shut-door" doctrine formed a part of the doctrine of the church; that is, Mrs. White had seen in a vision that the day of salvation for sinners was past, and those that fully believed in her visions as coming from God, also accepted that doctrine. I did not believe the doctrine nor teach it. Up to this time no lines had been drawn in the church and the visions had not been made a test [of fellowship]. But they were fast becoming popular and some began to press them quite strongly; but matters ran quite smoothly as far as I was concerned until...I was preaching at Otsego.

Among other things, I stated that I had no evidence that the door of the Holy Place had been closed. This did not meet the mind [approval] of some present. One of the brethren called my attention to the visions. I said, "This may be evidence to you, but it is not to me." A general discussion followed and the meeting broke up.

It was reported to the officers of the church at Battle Creek. I then requested that a meeting be called to investigate, which was done, and an effort was made to bring me in subjection to the visions. I saw no way of reconciling matters. Then it was that I concluded to walk no farther with them and told them so.

Gilbert Cranmer as quoted in: The Story of the Church of God (Seventh Day) by Robert Coulter, (1983, Bible Advocate Press: Denver, Co.), pp. 12-13.

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