Contradictions in the Israel Dammon Incident

Mrs. White's Spiritual Gifts 2 account of the arrest and trial of Israel Dammon contradicts - on major and minor points - the testimony of both friendly and unfriendly witnesses and the court record as reported in the 7 March 1845 Piscataquis Farmer. Those contradictions are presented below:

"while I was speaking, two men looked in...." [This implies a quiet one-speaker meeting] Joseph Moulton: "I went to arrest the prisoner....Can't describe the place - it was one continued shout."
"The power of God was in that room, and the servants of God, with their countenances lighted up with his glory, made no resistance."
Joseph Moulton: "When I went to arrest prisoner, great was their resistance, that I with three assistants, could not get him out....We were resisted by both men and women."
"They would move him a few inches only, and then rush out of the house....The men could not endure the power of God, and it was a relief to them to rush out of the house."
Joseph Moulton: "I remained in the house and sent for more help...."
"Elder D. was held by the power of God about forty minutes, and not all the strength of those men could move him from the floor where he lay helpless."
Joseph Moulton: "We overpowered them and got him out door in custody."
"A lawyer offered his services." Joel Doore, under cross-examination: "I engaged counsel in this case to defend the prisoner."
"He was asked to give [the court] a synopsis of his faith." "Elder Dammon again rose for further defense. Court indulged him to speak."
"He told them in a clear manner his belief from the Scriptures." "He read 126th Psalm, and the 50th Psalm. He said that the day of grace had gone by; that the believers were reduced, but that there was too many yet, and that the end of the world would come within a week."
"It was also suggested that they sung curious hymns, and he was asked to sing one." "The prisoner and his witnesses asked permission, and sung..."
"Many witnesses were brought to sustain the charge, but they were at once broken down by the testimony of Elder D's acquaintances."
Ayer: "I agree with Crosby and Lambert." Osborn: "Think Crosby's testimony correct." Mason: "I have heard Crosby testify, and think him correct." [Defense disputed little of prosecution's testimony.]
"Elder D. was asked if he had a spiritual wife. He told them he had a lawful wife, and [that she was] a very spiritual woman..." James Ayer, Jr: "Dammon said he had a spiritual wife and he was glad of it." [The witty negative response alleged by EGW is not in the record, and is ruled out by the testimony of defense witness Ayer.]
"...he was released." "The Court sentenced the prisoner to...Ten Days."

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